perkins productAt Perkins we never compromise when it comes to mold hardness and dimensional accuracy. We know that even the best casting design can be wasted when produced in a less than perfect mold.  Our central sand system provides the mixing and conditioning of sand and binders used for molds and cores. Blending, uniformity, correct proportions and proper moisture content are accurately controlled. Our skilled, highly trained molders take extra care to ensure that each mold is precisely as it needs to be before the metal is poured into the mold.

Critical Step Molding Processes

  • Air-set/No bake Cope and Drag, Flaskless
  • Green Sand, Horizontally and Vertically Parted
  • Flask sizes range from 12″ x 14″ to 8′ x 8′ square
  • Core Making
  • Shell Cores, Oil Sand and CO2 Process

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