Meehanite Castings

Perkins ProductsWhat’s Different About Meehanite?

Meehanite is different from ordinary cast iron because it offers distinct advantages including:

  • Uniform Soundness
  • Consistent Physical Properties
  • Dependable Performance In Service

Meehanite is a patented process for casting metals to exact and well-defined engineering specifications. It is also a series of superior engineering cast irons including nodular graphite irons, flake graphite irons and white cast irons. Finally, it’s a select group of world class foundries capable of supplying Meehanite castings weighing less than a pound to large components weighing over 300,000 pounds, one-of-a-kind or in quantities exceeding millions of parts. For more information please visit

perkins productThe Meehanite Process In a Nutshell

The dense, fine grain structure of Meehanite metal assures casting solidity and consistent physical properties relate the carbide stability of the molten metal, both before and after processing to the casting section. These controls which are the basis of a series of patents dating back to 1927 are fundamental to the Meehanite process and are the primary reasons for the structural integrity exhibited by Meehanite castings.

Expressed in its simplest form, Meehanite metal is first melted to a definite degree of undercooling or constitution which is related to the section of the casting to be poured and the range of physical properties such as tensile strength and hardness required. Nucleation with patented mixtures of graphitizing agents results in the removal of undercooling, in the controlled precipitation of graphite and in a fine grained eutectic cell structure which determines the density and physical integrity of the casting. Ordinary cast irons made to chemical specifications which do not include the benefit of controlled undercooling are influenced by mass effect to a maximum degree and for this and other reasons cannot be considered an equivalent to Meehanite metal.

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